The Steps Of Fitting Self-adhesive Rim Protectors:
1. First and foremost, you should clean the alloy wheel using an eraser pad and soap- water. A hint that one should be kept in mind is that there must be no extra atoms attached to it or water because all of them will affect glue’s role.
2. After cleaning, use alcohol cleaning rags to wipe any remaining small and invisible dirt/molecules from the wheels’ edge inch by inch. Further to this process, leave the wheel for some minutes to dry off.
3. Apply the primer around the top edge of the wheels. Again, leave this edge of wheels for some desired minutes.
4. Now peel the backing tape off the rim protector. Attentively stick it firmly in the desired place and slowly continue to peel.
5. For the fifth process, try to strip down the tape from the wheels. Also, marking the joining points with charcoal is essential to cut the strips into size to fit correctly.
6. Check the whole area of the wheels, pushing hard on the rim protector strip. This process will help the rim and wheels to be intact with each other.
7. Now leave the wheels and rim untouched for a longer period of time. So that further driving would comfort you.
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