Tuscan villas are available for vacation as luxury accommodation to give an insight into the beautiful countryside. It is also rich in local history and is sure to make your vacation exciting. Staying at these villas also present you with the opportunity to try the renowned wines of Italy.
Where can you find the best wines?
Chianti region offers you the best-known wine. The wine dates back to when it was bottled in a flask, referred to as fiasco, and presented in a straw basket. However, this type of packaging is rare now. The region of Chianti spreads over a large area and has many varieties of wine which is brewed. Not all love the Chianti wine tasting (degustazione vino chianti) as it may not dwell well with their food.
However, today, a few vineyards such as Vernaccia di San Gimignano sell their wine labeled Chianti. A seasoned wine taster would be able to differentiate between the wine from the region of Chianti and the others. If you visit the region of Chianti, you sure will love to try out the different varieties of wine available.
A word of advice.
When you try out the sample wine from different Tuscan villas, ensure that your wine senses are high alert. You can enjoy drinking all you want but ensure that you are not caught drunk driving. In Italy, they have strict rules for drunk driving.
Discover the rich history of Italy and try the excellent wines and enjoy your vacation.
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