A prelaunch is simply marketing your Subscription boxes before you can launch them. This is done to gauge interest, build buzz around your main launch, and collect email sign-ups. You can choose to host your prelaunch on an email signup landing page and you can use a prelaunch website theme. This is very important as it will allow your customers to customize the page. There are many things that you need to do during a prelaunch of your subscription boxes UK. Here are some of them
Decide on the length of the prelaunch
The first important thing to do is deciding on the length of the prelaunch. You can decide on anything from fifteen to sixty days. A prelaunch should not extend too long, as people may lose interest in your products and services.
Have an email signup goal
The second important thing to do is make sure that you have an email sign-up goal. It is recommended that you have a 20% conversion goal. Always remember that each number that you choose for your launch will be subject to the conversion rates in your list.
Have a prelaunch page and connect your email tool
After you have come up with an email sign-up goal, the next important step is to make sure that you have a prelaunch page and connect your email tools. A prelaunch page should not be complicated. This is because, at this point, all you want is to collect email addresses in preparation for your main launch. Once you have created your prelaunch page, you will have to consider connecting it to a suitable email service provider for the sake of collecting email addresses. You can then set up a social media account and get started with marketing your page.