So what do you do when you lose your original car key and don’t have a spare or a duplicate? Is it possible to get a Commercial locksmith if you don’t have the original? Well, car owners know the importance of cars as far as transport is concerned.

It is just amazing how much we use our cars every day all day. This is why losing car keys are quite a frustration and stress. Even so, not so many car owners think of duplicating their car’s keys or having spare keys. It only comes to mind when the key is already lost.

So how do you unlock your car and use it normally again? For years, locksmiths have played a big role in helping car owners unlock their cars and replace locks. But you could definitely save yourself the hustle and bustle, and the high cost of breaking into your own car and having to replace your locks.
So how do you get a new car key without the original?

Most of the time, duplicate keys are usually made from the original. But it is also completely possible to get a new key even without the original key. Returning to the car dealer to get a replacement could be the first thing in your mind if ever you lose your car keys.

While that is an option, it could be an expensive and time-consuming one. There is definitely another way to get a new car key; an auto locksmith. Locksmiths are not only meant to install, change, and replace house locks. They also play a huge role in helping car owners get their cars back.

Locksmiths can easily cut a new car key for you with the right information. This includes the year, the make, and the model of your car. You also need to prove you are the owner of the car, as well as have the VIN (car identification number), for liability issues.