Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Does the phone I'm tracking down need internet connection for RedBird to work?

    No, you only need a phone that can send and receive SMS. So, you only need a normal phone line with enough credit to send an SMS. However, the phone from which you are tracking down, needs internet connection in order to open the Google Maps link, which will show you the location of the phone you are tracking down.

  • 2. Can I track down my phone through a website?

    No, the location works only via SMS.

  • 3. I need to locate the phone but it doesn't have enough credit to send an SMS.

    Every mobile telecomunications company allows you to buy credit from a distance. Charge your phone and then locate it.

  • 4. I want to use my old phone to track down my car in case of theft.

    First, you have to install redbird on the phone, activate it with a password and put it in your car. In order to allow the GPS to connect to a satellite, you have to find a place in your car facing outside but hidden. Search a place near the windshield; a good place is inside the stoplight. Remember to connect it to electricity with a car charger.

  • 5. I want to find my mother but neither does she know how to use the phone, nor has her phone internet connection.

    Don't worry, you only have to install RedBird on her phone. She doesn't need to do anything to make it work, RedBird works automatically as you send an SMS with the password you have created beforehand. RedBird doesn't need internet connection to work.

  • 6. I have installed RedBird on the phone I want to track down but I don't remember the password. Can I track it down?

    No. This is the reason you need to remember the password or write it down. For your own security you are the only one who has access to the password, so it is impossible to reinitiate it remotely.

  • 7. I have installed RedBird on the phone from which I'm going to track down but I don't remembre the password. How can I reinitiate?

    You have to uninstall the application and install it again. You can do this in your phone as follows: “Menu > Setting > Aplication” or in Google Play > Installed Aplication

  • 8. What permissions has RedBird in my phone?

    - Your position: detailed GPS location, not detailed location (network based).
    - Your messagges: read, receive text messagges.
    - Paid services: send text messagge.
    - Calls: read phone state and ID.

  • 9. If I have installed RedBird on my phone, can another person track me down?

    Yes, but only if you have given to that person your secret password. Persons who don't have your password won't be able to get your position.

  • 10. If I have installed RedBird on my phone, is it possible to track me down in case of a kidnapping?

    Yes, if you have shared your password with a family member. We recommend to inform your family that you have RedBird and ask to track you down in case of an accident or kidnapping. Show them how redbird works and ask them to keep your RedBird password.

  • 11. If I'm kidnapped and the kidnappers keep my phone occupied, can I be tracked down?

    Yes, the kidnappers won't notice RedBird because it is working discretely on background. Even if they are speaking on your phone, RedBird can receive the location request and send your position.
    It is important you show to your family what to do in case of a kidnapping, share the passwords and keep this information in a notebook. This is fundamental, since nobody could activate your RedBird if you don't share your password with those persons, who will have to track you down.